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Moses the Mouse


No, this isn’t a blog post about Passover and Moses and the 10 Commandments, although we have been quite busy celebrating the holiday this week.  (Hence my lack of blogging!)   This is Dylan’s third Passover, and the first one where he was old enough to stay up for the seders.  He loved the seders – especially all the singing and eating!  Jake even managed to teach him part of the Four Questions – he has been singing them non-stop the past week.   It is too cute!

OK, back to the topic at hand.  Moses the Mouse.  Sunday evening we went to my parents’ house for dinner, and as we arrived my mom told Dylan that she had something special to show him.  In her molding on the floor in the dining room, there is a little hole, that she calls a mouse hole.  She had put what looked like a mouse’s tail right next to the hole, so it looked like the tail was sticking out and there was a mouse in the hole.  Dylan was absolutely enthralled with this.  When he saw it, his eyes were wide open with excitement and couldn’t stop staring at the mouse’s tail coming out of the mouse hole!

As it turns out, when my mom was making beets earlier in the day, she observed that the end of the beet looked just like a mouse tail, and she cut it off the beet and saved it for Dylan!  Dylan and my mom played for hours with that beet-mouse tail.  Dylan understood that it was pretend.  He understood that it came from a beet.  And he loved it!  He loved it so much, that he named the imaginary mouse Moses.

Dylan had to show everyone Moses.  He showed Moses to me, Jake, my dad and my brother.   At one point, when he was showing Moses to my brother, my brother pretended to eat the tail.  The look of concern on Dylan’s face was real, but this was quickly replaced with delight when Moses suddenly re-appeared out of my brother’s bellybutton.

It is amazing what toddlers can play with.  We spend so much money filling our houses with plastic junk.   It starts at birth and just continues on and on.  I’ve discovered that the best toys are ones with multiple purposes, that allow toddlers to use their imaginations.  A set of wooden blocks have provided hours of entertainment – they have been towers, stairs, and houses.  Paper cutouts of birds were lots of fun to make, and have been companions to feed and watch fly.  And now Moses the mouse – Dylan and my mom played with that beet-mouse tail for hours that Sunday evening, and he’s still talking about it almost a week later.

Does your toddler have any favorite home made toys?

4 thoughts on “Moses the Mouse

  1. oh how funny!!!! I love it!

    This is pretty traditional…but my kids love boxes! The maintence men at our apartment know this and bring us the boxes from new fridges/washers. They are awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh – almost the exact words came out of my mouth yesterday when it was time to pull out Easter baskets. Kieran “hunted” Easter eggs (and by hunt, I mean that he found 3 eggs, spied a basketball in the grass, abandoned his basket, then played contentedly with the ball until the rest of the eggs were found) and had little to no desire to find out what was in his eggs later. He NEVER looked in his basket. I asked him 5 different times if he wanted to, he could care less.

    Why do I spend money on crap?!

    Now that spring is here, his favorite toys (carried over from last year) are sticks, stones, and water. When we play outside, he is more interested in playing “hide seek” with me than in riding around in the plastic car that gathers rainwater.

    • That is cute about the Easter basket!
      I can see Dylan being into sticks, stones and water this spring. Can’t wait to start spending more time outdoors!

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