Sheryl Jesin

Stroller Naps


The last few days have been beautiful here in Toronto.  Warm, sunny…totally un-April like.  We have been spending tons and tons of time outdoors.  I always feel rushed on the weekends planning activities…it’s hard to get out of bed and get moving as soon as Dylan wakes up (usually around 7:30), but if we don’t, we run out of time and don’t get to do much before his nap (which is usually around 1 pm).  Spending lazy days at home was OK in the winter, but now that spring is here, I want to be out and about!

Saturday was an amazing day – we spent the whole day out of the house.  We went to Riverdale Farm in the morning, and then out for lunch to Chipotle.  Usually after lunch we rush home for Dylan’s nap. However, it was too nice out to go back home, so Jake and I decided to put Dylan in his stroller, hope that he naps, and explore our city a bit.  

Boy did he ever nap!  He slept from 1-4:15 pm.   Normally at home, Dylan will sleep for an hour – maybe two if I’m really lucky.   More than 3 hours for a nap?  That is unheard of!  I don’t know if it was the fresh air, or the movement, or the noise…whatever it was, it was great!  Jake and I walked and walked and walked.  We went to St. Lawrence Market, Harbourfront, and Queen’s Quay.  It was fantastic!

When Dylan was younger he hated his stroller! He rarely would fall asleep in it.   When we were on the go he spent most of his time snuggled into a sling or the Ergo.  Sometimes, once I had nursed him to sleep in a carrier, I’d be able to transfer him to the stroller.   I accepted the fact that Dylan preferred to be close to me rather than in the stroller, and quite enjoyed babywearing him instead of pushing him.

Nonetheless, I’m happy that we have rediscovered the joy of stroller naps these past few days.  Sunday and Monday were also gorgeous days and Dylan had long, peaceful naps in the stroller as I got some exercise and enjoyed the sunshine.   We are thinking of taking a trip to Europe in May, and it would be great for Dylan to be able to nap in the stroller while we are away.

4 thoughts on “Stroller Naps

  1. how wonderful!!! our eight month old feel asleep on our drive to my parents house this past weekend and slept almost four hours!! it was amazing. she was in the best modd after that. now if I could just get her to do that at home….lol

  2. Awesome! Kieran has never napped in a stroller – he, too, preferred the carrier or my arms. I wouldn’t mind a stroller nap now and again 😉

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