Sheryl Jesin

Number two is on the way!


Dear Readers,

I have some wonderful news to share with you today! I am pregnant! Just heading out of the first trimester and into the second. I am due towards the end of December. I am so looking forward to sharing my pregnancy journey with all of you.

This explains why I have been rather neglectful of my blog as of late. I have been feeling horrendous! Nausea most of the day and evening, horrible upset stomach, and of course lots and lots of tiredness. My first sign of being pregnant was back in April when we went out with friends for an amazing steak dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown. I ate way too much and as we were waiting for dessert I started to feel horribly nauseous. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom a number of times. I couldn’t even eat my dessert, which was quite sad – it was an amazing molten chocolate lava cake! Anyways, that was the beginning of about 8 solid wks of nausea. After that meal I could only stomach bland foods – cheese and bread were my best friends! Onions and garlic made me sick for hours. Pretty much all food tasted bad to me and I felt sick after I ate, but when I was hungry I was nauseous too. It was a no-win situation! I am harping a bit on how sick I felt, but this was new territory to me! With my first pregnancy with Dylan I didn’t even feel a tinge of nausea. I appreciate now how lucky I was then!

We feel incredibly blessed and lucky that we got pregnant quickly and that other than feeling sick, the pregnancy has been smooth so far. I am using a midwife this time, which I am so thrilled about! Here in Ontario midwifery is regulated and covered by OHIP, our universal health care coverage. My midwife has privileges in a great hospital and I am planning on giving birth there. I am loving the care I am receiving from her! Just one example – when I would have an OB appt for my first pregnancy, I’d wait minimum of an hour, then see the doctor for about 3 mins. With my midwife, the appointments are on time and for 45 minutes. What a difference!

I plan to blog about my experience with my midwife, and will likely share some stories from my first pregnancy as well. I am still nursing Dylan and also plan to blog about pregnancy and breastfeeding…and perhaps even tandem breastfeeding once the baby is born!?!?! We will see what happens.

I hope to blog more often again now that I am out of my first trimester and feeling better.

Looking forward to updating you all!



7 thoughts on “Number two is on the way!

  1. Biggest congratulations Sheryl! I look forward to following along with your pregnancy and wish you a much better 2nd trimester.

  2. SO happy for you!! Congratulations to you and your family 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your experiences this time around!

  3. @Melodie and @Dionna – Thank you so much for your good wishes!!

  4. Congrats Cheryl! My second is now 13 months old and I’ve really enjoyed having another baby. Many, many things are so much easier the second time around! My biggest challenges still lie in adapting to my eldest’s growth and change. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences. 🙂

  5. Congratulations! That is so thrilling.

    I also was amazed at the care I got with a midwife. What a difference from doctors! So personal, and so caring. I loved it!

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