Sheryl Jesin

Capers taste like mommy’s milk


Today Dylan and I had lunch at my mom’s house with one of my mom’s cousins, S. We were eating bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon.   Dylan, the little foodie that he is, requested some capers from my mom.  S was amazed that Dylan liked capers.  She asked him what capers taste like, and he said:  Mommy’s Milk!

S said that they must taste very yummy if they taste like mommy’s milk.  Dylan agreed!   S then asked me how long I nursed Dylan and I told her that I still do. She said that she nursed her daughters (who are now in their 20s) til they were 18 months old.  That is pretty impressive considering at the time many moms didn’t breastfeed at all and formula was the norm!

Dylan and S really hit it off at lunch.  He sang songs and told stories and jokes.  He smiled a lot, laughed a lot and just oozed sweetness!   Before S left, she told me that she had a wonderful time with us, and that Dylan is an advertisement of why moms should nurse for a long time.   It was such a lovely compliment, and it truly made my heart happy!  I felt so proud!

3 thoughts on “Capers taste like mommy’s milk

  1. Awww! Kieran has said mama’s milk tastes like a few things . . . for the life of me I’m not coming up with any of them right now. The only food related tidbit I can pull from my memory is that for the longest time, Kieran said my armpits smelled like pizza – in a good way 😉

  2. What a sweet story! I have to pry this kind of information of of my nursling who for the most part likes to keep her feelings and thoughts about nursing to herself. Unless, like I said, I can pry it out of her!

  3. @ Dionna – too funny and cute about the pizza smell!
    @ Melodie – Dylan doesn’t seem to mind sharing his nursing thoughts with me or anyone else for that matter! He’s also told me before that mommy’s milk tastes like ice cream and soy milk – which made a lot more sense to me than capers!

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