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Summer sleep

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We have spent the last week and a half up at my family’s cottage.  Dylan has been having a blast.  We’ve had a major heatwave here, with temperatures in the high 30s (or above 100F for you Americans out there!).  Dylan has spent hours each day in the lake, or his little kiddie pool, or running under the sprinkler.  It’s been so hot that I’ve joined him in all of his water activities (including his kiddie pool!)  Kids really know how to have fun!

The best time to be outside is the evening, when the sun is no longer strong and the temperatures cool off a bit.  That means we’ve been going for boat rides after dinner, or playing in the sand, or swimming.  This translates to very very late bedtimes – 10pm or later.  The very late bedtimes have unfortunately not led to sleep-ins, but have led to more daytime naps.  One day, Dylan lay down on a cot outside and fell asleep at 10:30 am.    Let’s just say he has NEVER done that before.  That day he had two naps – and he’s been down to one nap a day since he turned one.   Another day he asked to nurse at 9:45 am and promptly fell asleep, and had a little nap on the couch.  That was another 2 nap day. 

Dylan asleep on the couch

Our relaxed sleep schedule works up here because there is so much to do in the evenings and it stays light so late.  Plus I’m on vacation from work and I have help from my parents.  At home I need some time to wind down once Dylan goes to sleep, especially after a busy day at work, so I prefer an earlier bedtime.

What do your summer sleep schedules look like? Are your kids staying up late too?

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