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My experience with a midwife thus far


As I announced in a previous post, I am pregnant with my second child, and decided this time to use a midwife, rather than an OB, as my care provider during my pregnancy.  My first pregnancy was fine and I was under the care of a great OB.  However, I was looking for something different this time.  I was looking for a model of care that is less medical and more personal.  So far it has been a great experience.  I am loving the care I am receiving from my midwife!

Here are a few examples.  I went to my midwife last week for one of my monthly checkups.  I am now almost 18 weeks pregnant.  When I go to my midwife, there aren’t tons of women sitting in a waiting room, like there was when I went to an OB appt.   The reason is that with a midwife there is no waiting!  Each one of my appointments has been precisely on time.   With my OB, I’d wait minimum one hour (sometimes two) and then would see the doctor for a maximum of 5 minutes.   Here, each appointment is a lovely and lengthy 45 minutes.

During my last appointment, my midwife went over the results of the blood work from my previous appointment.  With a midwife, there is no waiting in line at a lab for blood to be drawn.  My midwife draws my blood during my appointment.   She went over the results with me in detail – going through each element that had been tested.  With my OB, he’d just say “everything is fine”.  By going through the results, my midwife directly involves me in my care.   It is empowering to be involved!

Here is another example –  before each appointment, I pee on a stick to test for protein and glucose in my urine.  With the midwife, I am given the stick and told to compare it to a chart on the bottle to make sure everything is normal.  With my OB, I’d pee on a stick and then give it to his nurse for her to look at.  Just a very small difference, but with the midwife, I am an an active participant in my care.

I feel very lucky to live in Ontario where midwifery is governmentally regulated and covered by our universal health care plan.   I feel lucky that I have the choice to use a midwife and that I have the choice to give birth either at a hospital or at home.    So far the experience has been just wonderful!!  I will keep you all updated with my experience as my pregnancy progresses.

5 thoughts on “My experience with a midwife thus far

  1. how awesome! I am glad you are having such a wonderful experience!

  2. Hooray for midwives!! I’m glad to hear your experience is positive so far. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the midwives that cared for me during my pregnancy, my son’s birth and for 6 weeks afterward. Since there’s no cost (I’m in Ontario, too) I don’t know why everyone with a normal, healthy pregnancy doesn’t use them. The best part, as you mentioned, is the empowerment of being an active participant in your own care. It only gets better as you get closer to the birth. There are many small decisions about tests or procedures that YOU get to make with your midwife’s guidance, whereas an OB will do things the way they’re “supposed” to be done.

    One minor difference in my experience was that my midwives did not draw blood. I had to go to a lab for that.

  3. I am so glad you’re having such a wonderful experience with the midwife. I think if more couples share the benefits of home birth and midwife care, it will become a much more popular option.

    My husband and I are expecting our first and we have chosen to have a home birth. Let me just say that I was so incredibly happy after our first appointment that I could hardly sit still. Our midwife came to the house and spent 2 hours and 15 minutes with us. She asked us questions about our lifestyle, talked about things we should think about in terms of “what ifs,” things an OB wouldn’t bother to mention. She listened to the baby’s heartbeat, took my blood pressure and showed me how to test my urine, then spent a good amount of time answering all of our questions. It was fabulous!

    Good luck!

  4. Going to a midwife was probably the best decision I made for my pregnancy. She was fantastic, and I felt like I was going to visit a friend instead of a healthcare provider. I hope you like yours, too.

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