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Being present

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Dionna at Code Name: Mama had a great post today about how joyful it is when she is fully present with her son Kieran.

It got me thinking.  I spend so much of my day rushing around and preparing for what comes next that I often don’t take the time to be present and to enjoy the moment.  It really is a shame, because when I stop to think about my days, they generally are quite pleasant.   Each day comes and goes, whether I want it to or not, so I might as well enjoy the moments as they happen.

Here are some moments of a typical day and how I plan to be present during these moments:

  • Lying in bed in the morning just after I wake up – Typically Jake and Dylan are both beside me.  Generally I am thinking about how much time I have to get ready and what I need to do before I leave.   Instead, I can be grateful for the two wonderful people I have with me and give them both a big hug and kiss, and talk to them.
  • Driving to work – I tend to think about if I’m late and what I have to do at work.  Instead, I can take a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet of driving alone (without a toddler to entertain!).
  • Sitting at my desk at work – Usually I am thinking about upcoming tasks at work or what to make for dinner.   Instead I can enjoy the challenge of the task at hand and feel a sense of accomplishment when I have completed it and done a good job.
  • Making dinner after work – Generally I am thinking about what time it is, if Dylan is going to be in bed in time, if he’s getting cranky.   I’m also usually yelling to him across the room, checking what he is doing and trying to keep him entertained.   Instead, I can be grateful that we live in a wonderful country where my husband and I both have great, flexible jobs that allow us to be home in time for dinner with our son and provide us with sufficient funds that we never have to worry about putting food on the table.  I can enjoy the time I have with my son and perhaps engage him in what I’m doing and allow him to help me. 
  • Lying in bed with Dylan as he falls asleep – Typically I’m playing on my blackberry, responding to emails, messaging friends and surfing the web.  I’m also thinking about the cleaning, laundry and cooking I have to do before I go to sleep.  Instead, I can focus on the adorable child next to me who is peacefully drifting off to sleep.  I can enjoy the rest that I am getting lying beside him and the snuggles and cuddles from him. 

So at any point during a typical day, I can either feel stressed and rushed worrying about what’s coming next, or I can be grateful and enjoy the blessings of each moment.   Looking back over a day, it is quite easy to be present and enjoy it more.  

What about your typical day?  Can you find a mundane moment that can become magical (or at least moderately enjoyable) by being present?

One thought on “Being present

  1. Love it! I’ve found that I *need* to be fully present when I put Kieran to sleep, otherwise I usually feel resentful 😉
    Today we picked up walnuts at the park, brought them home, and smashed them with a hammer. It was AWESOME! The little things can be the best parts of the day.

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