Sheryl Jesin

A Quick Hello


Hello readers…are any of you still out there?  I’ve been a bit neglectful on the blog front lately…two kids are keeping me busy these days!

Things have been mostly wonderful and sometimes crazy!  The crazy times are when two kids want me at the same time…like when Dylan wants me lying beside him to fall asleep but Benjamin needs to be walked around the room and rocked to sleep.   Jake’s been infinitely helpful at times like these…he’s perfected his own way of getting Ben to sleep, that involves classical music, white noise and the swing.

The wonderful times include all four of us lying in bed together.   There is nothing cozier than being in the middle of Ben and Dylan while they are both sleeping.  I love listening to them breathe at night and snuggling with both of them.   Co-sleeping with two kids is really quite fun and is a great way to get lots of sleep while still meeting the needs of both boys.

I hope to write lots more about the ups and downs of being a mommy of two in the next few months.   Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Hello

  1. Our second is due in a few weeks. How exactly do you organize co-sleeping with an infant and toddler? We have a King bed, so we have the room, but I’m still nervous about it. We’d like to transition our older to his room soon, but I kind of don’t want to rush it.

  2. We have the baby (Benjamin) on one side, then me, then Dylan (my 3 yr old), then my husband. Benjamin snuggles with me most of the night and Dylan snuggles with my husband. I get tired of lying on one side so sometimes I switch with Benjamin and Benjamin and Dylan are technically beside each other, but with lots and lots of space between them. Of course we keep all covers and pillows away from Benjamin’s face. Dylan also starts out in his own room and joins us when he wakes up. Hope that helps…let me know if you have more questions!

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