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I love me (and running)!


Welcome to the I Love Me! Carnival!

This post was written for inclusion in the I Love Me! Carnival hosted by Amy at Anktangle. This carnival is all about love of self, challenging you to lift yourself up, just for being you.

Please read to the bottom to find a list of submissions from the other carnival participants.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”      – Oprah Winfrey

Just recently I asked my three year old son Dylan who he loves.   He responded:  “I love mommy, daddy, Benjamin and I love myself!”  I just adore how he included himself on that list!  Sometimes you just get pearls of wisdom from a three year old – it is important to love yourself!

As moms, we often put our own needs aside while focusing on the needs of our children.  We are so proud of our kids and all the wonderful things that they do, and rightly so!  Our kids are amazing.  But you know what – we are amazing too!  I’ve learned as Dylan gets older, that it is so important to show him that we as parents do great things, and we have needs and interests too!  We as parents need to show our kids that not only do we love them, but we love and respect ourselves too.

I’ve started running this summer and it is something I am very proud of!  I was never much of an athlete growing up, and in the last few years I have enjoyed walking, biking and yoga.   I’ve always wanted to run, but somehow have never had time for it.   So this past July I decided to sign up for a 5k race in September, and start running!

I found an amazing running app for my Blackberry to keep track of my progress.  It’s called MiCoach by Adidas and it syncs with a site online.  I created my training program online by entering in a bit of information, such as my height, weight, and the date of the race.   Each time I run, I start the app on my Blackberry, and via GPS it calculates the time I’ve run, calories burned, pace and other kinds of neat stats.  I find it very motivating to track this information and see how I’ve been improving.

I’m proud to say that since July, I’ve consistently ran at least 3 times a week, if not more! And I easily completed the 5k race in September, and plan on signing up for a 10k race in the spring, and perhaps a half marathon next fall.  I should add that when I started running in July I couldn’t run for more than 5 minutes without my legs aching and being completely out of breath.   Last week I ran 10k (over an hour!) for the first time without stopping, and you know what – it wasn’t that hard!

Running makes me feel amazing!  Running has helped me easily shed the last few pounds of baby weight (while still eating A LOT), and has made my legs and butt really strong!  I can easily tote around my 25lb baby – I’ve really noticed how easy it’s become to carry him up and down the stairs.  And all my pre-pregnancy clothes that were snug before the summer now easily slip on.

But truly the benefits for me of running go far beyond weight loss or muscle toning.   You read about the runner’s high that you get from all the endorphins released while exercising, and it’s so true.   After a good run, those endorphins last all day long!  There is something amazing about waking up early, putting on my running gear and heading out the door.   It gives me time alone to think.   It gives me time to enjoy nature and the beautiful fresh air.   Hearing the crunch of gravel beneath my shoes as I run in a trail near my house is an amazing form of stress relief.  I feel a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the week when I look over my MiCoach running log and see the kilometers I’ve ran. And I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to be in a bad mood after you go for a run.

It’s not always easy to find time for a run.   I’m finding it much harder to be motivated now with the cold weather and lack of sunshine.  I’m doing my best to keep with it and stay active over the winter because it feels great to do something for me.   Something that makes me feel good.  Something that improves my health, both physical and mental! Something that gives me a sense of accomplishment and something that I am proud to model to my boys.

Dylan just loved watching me run the 5k race.   He was so proud when his mommy got a medal!   He broke his leg over the summer and had his cast on during the race.   He told me that he wants to be strong and exercise and run a race with me too one day!  I’m just thrilled that he sees the value in exercise, and I hope that we can run together.   I should add that my husband did the 5k race with me, and he is going to do the 10k in the spring also.   I’m thrilled that he is exercising too!

After our 5k - so proud of ourselves 🙂

So, as Dylan would say, I love my husband, my two boys and I love myself!  And I’ve discovered that I love running too!

As a mom, (or dad), what do you do for some “me time”?

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29 thoughts on “I love me (and running)!

  1. Your son’s comment about loving himself just melted my heart! Love it. And I’m envious of your commitment to your running practice. My yoga practice has been falling by the wayside lately and my son’s needs seem to always come first. It’s time for Momma to come first sometimes! Thank you for that much-needed reminder. =)

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  5. We should all be able to list ourselves as one of the people we love like your son.
    I’m not a terribly active person, so I make time for myself by sewing and crafting. It’s been very hard during my second pregnancy because I have so little energy there’s none left over for sewing, but it’s almost over, and hopefully I can get back in the craft room soon.

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  8. That is so inspiring! I started Couch-to-5K when I was pregnant but took a break because of some bleeding early on. I’m really wanting to get up and get going again, and reading about your joy in running is such a motivation to me. 🙂 I want to look into MiCoach, too, since my C25K app will run out of usefulness once I complete my last few workouts! Woot! You guys look so athletic in that picture.

    I love that you love yourself. 🙂

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  10. Great reminder that our children will only come to love themselves if they see us, their parents, taking care of our entire being. I am very guilty of turning myself over to my daughter completely. I am very guilty of not modeling as much self love as I could. At 2 1/2 my daughter does need to see that mommy has interests, desires, goals, and dreams. Now the tough part….following through! Thank you for such a thought provoking post!

    • I also often turn myself over to my kids completely – and I end up burnt out and resentful. Having a bit of time to recharge is good for me and the kids!

  11. Greetings from Malaysia! Hopping in from the carnival!

    That was so cute when your son replied you on who he loves! and it’s awesome that he loves and proud of you doing what you love!

    Have a nice day!

    ~ Jenny ( )

  12. I love your son’s response! From the mouths of babes indeed. And it’s great to read about the way you got into running. I’m glad you found something to be passionate about, and are able to model that to your child as a positive thing. Also, I used to be a more active person, who is now finding myself frustrated by how easily I tire out these days, so your story is that much more motivating.

  13. You are inspirational mama!! Tom recently got back into running as well, and Kieran and I had a blast watching him in the two races he’s run so far. Kieran is so proud 🙂 I completely agree – it’s important that our children see us respecting and taking care of ourselves, what better role model can there be?!

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  16. Wow – so inspiring. Thank you. I have recently had this serious urge to take up running… really otu of character for me as I am not athletic AT ALL and do no real exercise to speak of. This was the final nudge to push me into it 🙂 Going to check out that app too!

  17. Oh, I just love this!! All of it. Dylan’s list of those he loves…. is so brilliant. You must have given him that somehow and it’s just perfect and so sweet.
    And you just inspired me to go do my cardio while hubby and child are out for their sunday breakfast date. I was going to skip it to do dishes and etc… But I really want and need to go sweat adn feel good all day.
    Thank you!!!
    I can feel your enthusiasm and joy through your words. It’s wonderful to read.

  18. I loved your story! I was in the Army before having my LO, and I swore off running for the rest of my life when I got out because I had such a bad relationship with it. But, three months after having baby and after walking and walking (which I still love and do every day!), I knew I needed something more. So, it was back to running! I started from scratch, so that I could focus on enjoying it this time. I’m proud of myself, and it’s a great time to recharge. But, I’m still not to your level of a 10K! Way to go!!

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