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Green smoothies


I’m the proud owner of a brand new Vitamix blender!  A Vitamix is a high speed blender that makes the most smooth and most delicious smoothies, but that’s not all.  It’s amazing for pureeing soups, chopping vegetables, preparing frozen desserts and much much more.  I’ve had my eye on one since I saw a demo at Costco two years ago.   I decided recently that it would make a perfect birthday present, and Jake was at Costco this week and picked one up.  Happy early birthday to me!

I haven’t stopped blending since I got it.  Below is one of my new favorite Vitamix recipes.  It could be made in a regular household blender too, but may be a bit gritty.  With the Vitamix, it is smooth, creamy and delicious!  I love that I can get my daily dose of leafy greens in a raw and easily digestible form.  I love kale and all of its health benefits, but it can be a bit bitter and also chewy.   However, it’s surprisingly delicious mixed in a smoothie!  I think it makes a wonderful afternoon snack.  You could even make one before work, pop it into an insulated cup and enjoy at your desk.  If you snack on a dozen almonds on the side, you will also get some healthy fats and protein.   I guarantee that this will fill you up and give you a boost of energy.

Before blending
After blending

Recipe for a green smoothie

Serves 1.  Prep time 5 min.

1 apple, cut into 4 and cored
1/3 lemon, seeds and rind removed
1 big handful of kale (washed, no need to remove stem if using a high speed blender)
1 chunk of ginger, about a tsp.
1 tsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice
1 cup of water
4 ice cubes

Add to blender, blend until smooth, pour into glass, and ENJOY (while feeling extremely healthy)!

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes?

5 thoughts on “Green smoothies

  1. I have and LOVE my Vitamix! I’ve made pasta sauce with it, too.

  2. I’ve heard pasta sauce is good in the Vitamix. I will have to try it!

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  4. I have been lusting after a vitamix for months and months, but they are so far out of my reach, as far as affordability goes. If I win the lottery though….

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