Sheryl Jesin

Lost and Found

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If you happened to be driving down Yonge St. yesterday around 2 pm you might have seen a crazy person running down the street wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans, pushing a black stroller.   Yes, that crazy person was me.

Let me back track a bit.  Benjamin and I were out for a lovely afternoon stroll.   The sun was out, the temperature was mild.   We picked out some presents for friends at a bookstore.   I even tried on a few sweaters at a little boutique, and decided that I didn’t need them as my closet is full!   On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things.   A few things turned into many things.  We waited in line to pay, and the cashier rang up our order.   When she was almost done, I felt a wave of panic.   My purse was gone!  It wasn’t on me and it wasn’t in the basket of the stroller.  My mind raced and I realized I left it hanging on the hook in the changeroom in the lovely little boutique where I tried on sweaters.

The cashier was so sweet and told me she’d hold my order for me until I came back with my wallet.  The boutique was a few blocks away, and Benjamin was just starting to get antsy and cranky as he needed a feeding and also needed a nap.   So what did I do?  I literally ran to the boutique, retrieved my purse, and ran back to the grocery store to retrieve my groceries!   Then I literally ran home.   I was quite thankful that I had decided to wear running shoes that day.

As I was running, I got to thinking – I have lost my wallet, credit card, and keys many times.   Each time I have gotten them back.   Let me recount:

  • I once dropped my keys at Costco and didn’t realize until I was back home.   Amazingly, someone found them and brought them to the customer service desk.  I got them back!
  • I dropped my credit card on the street a couple years ago.   Someone found it, called VISA, VISA then called me and I arranged with the person to get it back.
  • I left my credit card at a grocery store.   I realized later that night once the store had closed.  I went in the next morning and they had it waiting for me.
  • I dropped the clicker for the gate to my house once at a coffee shop.   My husband went back the next day to look for it, and they had it waiting behind the counter.
I’m not sure what the meaning is behind all of this.   I think it shows an amazing streak of good luck, since each time I’ve lost something important, I’ve gotten it back.   Or is it bad luck that I keep losing things?
Have you lost and found something recently?  Write a comment and tell me about it!

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