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Meal planning Monday


I’ve dabbled in meal planning before with some success.  I tend to write out meal plans for a week or two, then get distracted or tired of it, and then stop for a bit.   Then I start, stop, meal plan in my head for a bit and then get totally distracted and we order take out for a few days in a row.  I’ve recently discovered that I have some food sensitivities, and they have made it more difficult for me to eat outside of the house.  As a result, I have been cooking a lot lately and I figured it was time to give meal planning a try again.

I have decided to do weekly plans of dinners.   Breakfast these days tends to be the same for me – a smoothie – and lunch tends to be leftovers from dinner.  I am going to list out this week’s dinners below.   If any of the items catch your eye, let me know, and I will post the recipe.

Sunday – Black bean burgers topped with guacamole and pico del gallo, roasted butternut squash and a kale salad.

Monday – leftovers from Sunday.

Tuesday – A bowl with brown rice, sauteed onions, spinach, roasted sweet potato.   Topped with chick pea, pea and lentil sprouts.  Sesame oil and tamari drizzled on top.

Wednesday – Butternut squash soup, salmon, roasted carrots, kale salad.

Thursday – A bowl with brown rice, steamed bok choy and mushrooms, topped with chick pea, pea and lentil sprouts.  Tahini sauce on top.

Friday – going to family for dinner.

Saturday – going out for dinner.

There you have it!  Now I know what I need to buy from the grocery store for the week.  Having it planned in advance lets me do some prep work the night before (I may make the rice on Monday night for example – enough for Tuesday and Thursday’s dinner).

Do you meal plan?  What are some of your favorite quick and easy dinners?

6 thoughts on “Meal planning Monday

  1. I’d go crazy if I had to plan my meals that much in advance… Can’t you just get a big freezer (I simply don’t have the space) and a big pan and some Tupperware boxes so you can cook up a soup of 10/15 l, divide them in small portions in the freezer and do the same thing with some other meals too (labels on the Tupperware!), so you cook like half of the Saturday and e.g. one evening during the week and you have a varied offer in the freezer.

    The above here seems like my ideal situation but I don’t often manage since my tiny apartment inly allows me a tiny freezer which is full when it’s got icecubes inside 😉

    But I seem to do the opposite of you… I go to the store and market, buy (make myself a budget) whatever seems nice or is on discount and when I come home I see what can be combined into a meal together. If I do well, One ingredient can be used in different menus. Calls for more improvisation and is varied 🙂

    • I do freeze food sometimes – things like stews or sauces or soups. But I also enjoy cooking and eating things fresh. Cooking isn’t a chore for me – it’s a hobby I enjoy, so I don’t mind spending time on it.

  2. Don’t know if I missed this in older posts but what are your food sensitivities?

    My quick meal which can’t go wrong is fried rice. The dish is meant to actually combine with leftovers so you can just be creative, goes with about anything.
    Soups are also always a succes. Even possible when the cupboard/fridge are about empty.

  3. You’re absolutely right, sometimes your meal has to be fresh.

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