Sheryl Jesin

A visit to Mylk Uncookies

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Since I am currently avoiding dairy, soy and gluten, it takes a bit of effort for me these days to have a treat – either I have to make it myself or head out to a specialty restaurant or cafe.  I used to really enjoy a latte from Starbucks or Aroma or a baked good from a local bakery.  However, I am lucky to live in Toronto where there are so many great vegan and gluten free restaurants to visit.  A couple of weeks ago, Ben and I checked out a great coffee place – Mylk Uncookies.

Mylk Uncookies is located at 253 Gerrard St., at Gerrard and Parliament, in Cabbagetown.  Mylk Uncookies serves homemade almond “mylk” and a variety of gluten free vegan treats.   You can also get regular milk and traditionally baked goods, so they really have something for everyone.

From the moment I walked in the door, I liked what I saw!  The decor is modern and minimalist with clean white furniture, and there is a pop of color with a tiffany-blue inspired feature wall in the back.  Service is fast and friendly – my barista even carried my coffee over to my table because she saw that my hands were full carrying Benjamin.

I tried a decaf latte and a spiced chocolate cookie.   The latte was made with their homemade almond milk.   The espresso was brewed just perfectly – smooth with no bitterness.   The almond milk is absolutely delicious – creamy with a hint of sweetness!   I had been purchasing almond milk in the grocery store for my smoothies, but after tasting homemade, I knew I had to make my own!

The cookie was dairy, egg and gluten free and was just amazing.   The chocolatey taste was rich and it wasn’t overly sweet.  The texture was dense, moist and satisfying.

I should add that I also visited the washroom and it was pristinely clean.  Definitely another plus in my book!

I will definitely be back when I’m craving another latte and sweet treat.   If only the Starbucks around the corner from us offered such delicious, healthy treats!  Perhaps someday….

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