Sheryl Jesin

Meal Planning Monday

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Last week’s meal plan was generally a success – I found that the leftovers lasted longer than I planned, so I unexpectedly didn’t have to cook some nights (always a bonus!).   So this week’s plan will take that into account, and therefore includes two nights of leftovers.

Sunday – went to family for dinner

Monday – Spinach almond patties, roasted sweet potatoes, Israeli salad

Tuesday – leftovers from Monday

Wednesday – Vegetarian chili on top of quinoa, topped with guacamole

Thursday – leftovers from Wednesday

Friday – going to family for dinner

Saturday – to be determined!

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday

  1. I’ll often specifically double up a recipe (like a soup or casserole) so I have a backup option on my freezer for busy weeks. It’s like leftovers x2 and takes the same amount of time and effort as it does to make the standard recipe servings. I also plan my menus the same way you do, looking at what’s going on during the week and planning accordingly.

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