Sheryl Jesin

There is no prize

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When I told my husband that I would be participating in National Blog Posting Month, he (half jokingly) asked if there was a prize for doing it. Nope, there is no prize. And there is no blogging police out there making sure that I post everyday. No one is going to give me anything if reach my blogging goal this month. So why do I bother doing it?

I like a challenge – I like setting goals and working towards something. It gives me a sense of purpose while I’m working away at it, and a sense of accomplishment when I meet my goal. I’ve enjoying NaBloPoMo – it’s been fun to sit down and write every day, and I feel good when I post something new.

This whole prize concept got me thinking. I do a lot of things that require a lot of work and dedication, but there is no prize in the end. For example – no one gives me a prize for working out. No one gives me a prize for making healthy home cooked meals, and no one gives me a prize for parenting my kids with love and compassion, and breastfeeding my baby day and night!

So why bother doing these things? As I said above, I like a challenge and I like the feeling of knowing I’ve done a good job. Also, as a mother, I want to set a good example for my kids and inspire them to be self-motivated. Hopefully when they see me working towards and reaching my goals, a spark will be ignited within them to do the same.

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