Sheryl Jesin

More birthday thoughts

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I received a lovely birthday card in the mail from a charitable organization that I support.  It had some thoughtful words that I thought I would share with all of you.

When raindrops fall into the sea

the ripples reverberate across the water

So, too, every act we take

every word we speak,

every thought we have,

affects the world around us in untold ways

The card also listed some birthday customs:

  • Spend some time meditating
  • Celebrate with friends and family
  • Eat an exotic fruit that you haven’t had in a while
  • Make a charitable donation
  • Make positive resolutions

So often, birthdays are all about the presents we receive.   And while it is nice to give someone a thoughtful gift, I believe that a birthday shouldn’t just be another example of consumer excess.  This idea of consumerism was particularly present in my thoughts this year, as I watched news reports of Americans shopping for Black Friday bargains.   It was so sad seeing people shoving and pushing to get into the store first, to buy things that they probably don’t need, and that they likely can’t afford.

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