Sheryl Jesin

Registration is Complete


Everyone is an athlete.  The only difference is some of us are in training, and some are not.  ~ Dr. George Sheehan

It’s official.  Tonight I registered for the GoodLife Toronto Half-Marathon on May 6, 2012.  It is 12 weeks away and training starts tomorrow.  So, according to the quote above, does that mean I am an athlete??

I’ve never ever thought of myself as an athlete.  I was certainly not an athlete in high school.  I was on the volleyball team for a year, but I’m pretty sure they let anyone who tried out join the team.  In university I went to the gym here and there.   I’ve dabbled in yoga and pilates and have always tried to go for walks whenever I have a chance.

I started running in July 2011 and ran my first race, a 5k in September.  I still didn’t feel like a real runner, even after completing that race.  A 5k didn’t feel like a big deal – my husband Jake didn’t even train for the race and still beat me.

However, this half-marathon feels like a BIG DEAL.  It requires real training and I dare to say, actual athletic ability?  A real RUNNER runs a half marathon…an ATHLETE can run 13.1 miles or 21 km.

I feel a bit nervous…will I have time to train properly?  What if I get sick, or my kids get sick, and I miss some runs?  What if it is cold, and icy and I don’t feel like running?  (Still haven’t purchased a treadmill yet, so for now all my runs will be outside!)

I’m trying to think positive instead of worrying about all the what-ifs.   I’ve been trying to think positively in all aspects of my life, not just with respect to running.  I’ve realized that I tend to have a negative soundtrack playing in my mind, and I want that to stop!  It’s not doing me any good!

So here’s to the power of positive thinking over the next 12 weeks!  I can do it!

2 thoughts on “Registration is Complete

  1. Wow congratulations for signing up for the marathon 🙂

    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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