Sheryl Jesin

Half-Marathon Training – Week 4


Can’t believe I am four weeks into my training already.  8 weeks left to go!

This was a step-back week, so my long run was only 4 miles.  In addition to the long run, I ran 2 miles, 3 miles and 3 miles.

I’ve decided to pick up the speed a bit too.  I’ve been running slowly because that’s what I’m used to, and I keep thinking I am a slow runner.   This week I’ve realized that I am actually quite capable of running faster, so I will continue to push myself!  I snuck in a run this Wednesday because Benjamin was with my mom at a playgroup.  I dropped him off at 9:45, was home and in my running gear by 10, ran a fast 5k (fast for me) in 30 mins, showered in 2 mins, mixed up a quick Vega protein shake, and was out the door again to pick him up for 11!  Phew!  Just made it in the nick of time – it’s amazing how having a limited amount of time to run really motivated me to go fast!

The weather has been warming up and one of my 3 milers was done on a warm and sunny day, in 10 degree Celsius weather.  Believe it or not, I actually felt too hot!  I was wearing running tights and a thin long sleeve pullover but I think I could have worn shorts and been ok.  I will be prepared for the next nice day!

My long solo run yesterday almost didn’t happen as Dylan has been sick all weekend with a fever.  But my lovely husband watched the kids and I snuck out for a run just before dinner.   I usually like to run in the morning, but with kids you take these opportunities as they come, even if it means half of my run was done in the dark!!

I really want to get a real double jogging stroller so I can run with both kids…I can’t decide which one to buy though!  I’ve been thinking of buying a Chariot that can also be a bike trailer.  Something like this:

Any suggestions readers??

4 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training – Week 4

  1. As someone who loves biking, I’d say definitely go for a jogging stroller that converts to a trailer!

    … not sure how far you live from our school, but it would be so cool to get more parents and kids biking there.

  2. I have been training for one too. I think I need to push myself to go a little faster as well. I think you just need a little motivation sometimes to push yourself. Maybe I should try to fit it in as well 🙂

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