Sheryl Jesin

Birth centres are coming to Ontario!


I was quite excited this week to hear the announcement that the province of Ontario has plans to open two birth centres within the next couple of years.  What great news for the women and babies of Ontario!

Right now, women in Ontario can choose to deliver with the assistance of an obstetrician or family doctor in a hospital, or with a midwife at home or at a hospital.   Soon women will have one more option – the choice to deliver with the support of a midwife in a birth centre.

“Evidence shows midwives provide quality care – excellent patient outcomes and good value for health care dollars. Midwifery care also leads to fewer medical and surgical interventions which benefits both mother and baby.”

 – Deb Matthews
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Birth centres are amazing in so many ways!  Here are just a few great things about birth centres:

  • By birthing in a birth centre, and thereby avoiding a birth in a hospital, women and newborns can reduce their exposure to hospital-based infections and to outbreaks of the flu.
  • Did you know that C-sections are costing the Ontario health care system over $100 million every year?  The current C-section rate in Ontario is over 30%.  Birth centres can help decrease these costs by reducing C-section rates and reducing other medical interventions.  Fewer interventions are better for moms and babies too – moms recover much faster from normal births.
  • Birth centres can free up hospital beds for high risk moms who need to be in a hospital.  

I feel so lucky to have been supported by two wonderful midwives for the birth of my second son, Benjamin.  I wrote about my experience with a midwife assisted birth in a hospital here.  His birth was such a peaceful and empowering experience, and if we are blessed with a third child and a low risk pregnancy, I would choose a midwife again in a heartbeat!  I wrote a bit about my experience with a midwife here.  I would absolutely love to try out a birthing centre!!

2 thoughts on “Birth centres are coming to Ontario!

  1. Woot! I’m a two-time homebirther (and one uneventful hospital birth) and I applaud the province for giving women more options for a safe birth.

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