Sheryl Jesin

Today’s long run

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I woke up this morning feeling a bit blah. My stomach was feeling off and I couldn’t tell if I was getting a cold or not. I contemplated postponing my planned 9 mile long run as my half marathon training schedule allows for some flexibility. A step-back week is coming up next week and I thought about swapping it with this week’s schedule, so that I would only have to run 4 miles today.

I hemmed and hawed and then I decided to bring along fluids and food so that I could complete my 9 miles. I also gave myself an “out” – if I felt horrible at 4 miles I would stop.

I ran two miles on a trail near our house, and then headed back. After those 4 miles I had some water mixed with Vega Sport’s Electrolyte Hydrator and a date. I was feeling strong and decided to go for it and finish my 9 miles.

The last 3 miles were not easy, and the last mile was HARD. I probably looked at my iPhone about 10 times during that final mile to see if I was done yet! My legs felt heavy and achy and slow, but I completed those 9 miles!

I now know that if I wait until the perfect day, I will never run! There is always an excuse why I shouldn’t run – my stomach hurts, I’m tired, Benjamin seems cranky, the laundry needs folding, I don’t have enough time before I have to pick up Dylan from school, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, it’s too cold out, it’s raining, it’s too hot out. I can go on and on….

So instead of waiting for a perfect day for my long run, I took today’s imperfect conditions and did my best with how I was feeling! I finished my 9 miles tired and achy, but also feeling strong and confident! (I should add that my stomach was fine during the run and the cold has not yet shown up!) There is no guarantee that on race day I will be feeling amazing, and now I know I can run 9 miles with a weird stomach and an itchy throat. The 13.1 miles that I will be running in my half marathon seems a lot more approachable after today’s run.

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