Sheryl Jesin

Pistachio failure

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While driving up to the cottage tonight, we stopped at a grocery store along the way. I hadn’t really eaten dinner and wanted to pick up a few things. Shopping with the kids in an unfamiliar store at 8pm isn’t the smartest move, and I’m not surprised that I made a bad purchase. I wanted to buy a few nuts to snack on as I knew that the healthy fats and protein would fill me up. I spotted a bag of pistachios and put it in my cart. When went to eat them later, I took a look at the nutritional information on the back of the bag and I was appalled!


I couldn’t believe all of the ingredients. I have no interest in eating sugar, garlic or onion powder, or dextrose. Even natural flavor has no place in my diet. But worst of all – the deal breaker for me – the pistachios contain yeast extract. Sadly, yeast extract is MSG. Most shoppers these days are savvy enough to avoid MSG, since it is associated with reproductive disorders and headaches, among other nasty thing! So the food industry hides the MSG by labeling it as yeast extract. So sneaky. So wrong. These pistachios will not be eaten by me and will be returned to the store. I am saddened that even an innocuous bag of nuts contains unhealthy ingredients.

So dear readers, learn from my mistakes – check your labels carefully at the grocery store! And don’t buy anything that contains yeast extract!!

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