Sheryl Jesin

Banana blueberry carob smoothie


Sometimes I get into a smoothie rut. I have a few basic combinations that I rotate, but sometimes my palate is looking for new flavours.

I often look to other blogs for smoothie inspiration. A few days ago, Gena over at Choosing Raw posted about a flavour idea that caught my eye: a blueberry carob smoothie. I bought some carob powder a few weeks ago and was not quite sure what to do with it. With Gena’s recipe in mind, I decided to add it to a smoothie.

I loosely followed Gena’s instructions and combined a banana, frozen wild blueberries, purple kale, coconut milk, cinnamon, carob powder, a medjool date, Sunwarrior protein powder, and some ice.

The smoothie was absolutely delicious. As Gena points out, the carob added a certain sweetness that really compliments the blueberries. The carob also completely covered the taste of the kale and protein powder. I don’t mind the taste of either, but it was still nice.

Have you made any interesting smoothies lately?


4 thoughts on “Banana blueberry carob smoothie

  1. Have you ever tried using pumpkin?

  2. I’ve had trouble mastering the sweet potato smoothie. I always put in whey powder which will add to the thickness and affect the flavour so I bet that has a lot to do with it.

    You can make a simple Vitamix soup with sweet potatoes. I usually cook the potato first and throw it in with some soy milk. I then put the VM on high until it steams (not too long since the potato is cooked). I’ve added hot peppers if you want something spicy (specifically the delicious ones you can get in a jar at Terroni, great for metabolism). I’ve also experimented with veggies but it tends to not be as good, although it lowers the carbs. Spice to taste (curry powder, etc.).

  3. Forgot one key ingredient: water.

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