Sheryl Jesin

Friday night decluttering

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The kids were in bed early tonight, and I decided to spend a bit of time on one of my favorite activities – decluttering.

The thing I’ve discovered about decluttering is that it has to be an ongoing activity. You can’t declutter a room and then think – I’m done, this room will remain clutter free forever. Perhaps if I lived alone (not that I would ever want to!!!) this would be true. However, in a world with kids and a husband, my decluttering work is never done.

Tonight I tackled our living room/dining room. My main focus was on the kids’ toys. In one hour, I got rid of two garbage bags worth of toys and books that they rarely use. I am pretty efficient with my decluttering lately. This means that I am not sentimental about things and I do not spend much time debating whether or not to keep something. If the kids don’t play with it often and/or we don’t have room to store it, out it goes. I like to think that these items go to kids who really need them, and this makes the process easier.

While I am quite rational about this, my kids certainly are not. Kids will hold on to every single toy in the house if you let them. This is why I declutter when they are asleep. I hope that as they get older, I can start to include them on decluttering, as it is certainly an important skill to learn.

I know I can’t declutter my whole house in one day, and I’m ok with that. I don’t let perfectionism get in my way – every little bit of decluttering helps my home become the peaceful haven that I want it to be.


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