Sheryl Jesin


Aren’t you so bored?

I took a 20 month maternity leave after my son was born. During those 20 months, a very common question that people would ask me was:  Aren’t you so bored at home?  And my answer would always be: NO!

Pre-baby I was a corporate lawyer at a big downtown Toronto firm.  My days at work were long and busy, and my blackberry was always buzzing day or night!   Life at home with a baby was certainly different!  I was still busy, but in a very different way.  My days and nights were now filled with lots of feeding, burping, changing, sleeping, singing, bouncing, reading, playing, bathing, etc etc.  I had no choice but to change my go go go routine.   Life now revolved around Dylan and meeting his needs.

I find it amazing when I hear from other moms that they were bored on their mat leave.  Sure – certain afternoons could drag on and sometimes it can get tedious singing Ba Ba Black Sheep over and over.  But the joyful moments of hearing Dylan laugh for the first time, or watching him take his first steps certainly overshadowed and more than made up for any moments of boredom!

Most days, we didn’t have time to get bored!  We were always on the go, exploring the city and taking everything in

Enjoying the books at Indigo

Here are some of our favorite activities (in no particular order):

1.  Playing with the Thomas the Train table at Indigo or Mastermind

2.  Reading books at the local library.

3.  Going to the park.

4.  Taking a subway or bus ride.

5.  Enjoying a lunch date.

6.  Going to the mall.

7.  Sharing a coffee at Second Cup, Aroma or Starbucks.

8. Visiting with Dylan’s grandparents.

9. Going to a music class.

10.  Meeting other moms and babies at a La Leche League Meeting.

What about you?  What were some of your favorite activities while you were on mat leave?