Sheryl Jesin


Half Marathon Training – Week 1

Week one of half marathon training is complete!  It felt great getting back into a training program.  I’ve kept up my running since my 5k back in September, but having a race to train for gives me a motivational boost on lazy days to actually get out there and run.

I honestly never thought I’d like running in the winter.  I started running in July and just assumed that becoming a sweaty mess with a beet red face was just part of being a runner.   In the summer I’d always run as soon as I woke up to avoid the hot temperatures and the blazing sun.

As the temperatures got cooler over the fall, I bought some warmer running clothing and embraced the lower temperatures.  I realized that in the cold weather it is easier to go faster and if I get hot I can just take off a layer or unzip a zipper.  I can run at any time of the day and not worry about the sun or overheating.

We’ve had a pretty mild winter here in Toronto, so that probably is part of the reason why I love winter running so much.  Most days there is barely any snow on the ground so the roads have been clear.   On the occassional times when there has been some snow, I just slow down.  My goal on snowy days is to just get out there and not worry at all about my pace.  The most important thing is to not fall and get injured!

I ran 4 times this week – twice pushing Ben in the stroller and twice by myself.  I did three shorter runs this week (2 miles, 3 miles and 3 miles) and one long run today of 4 miles.  My weekend long runs will be slowly increasing.  When I woke up this morning, I saw a lovely layer of snow on the ground.  I was actually really excited to run in it.  I checked the weather forecast and saw that the temperatures would be rising above freezing and I wanted to get out there before everything turned into a slushy mess.   Here was my view during my run today:

The trees were so pretty!  I loved hearing the crunch of the snow under my feet.  I’m usually cold right when I go out the door and for the first km or so, but then I warm up and it feels really good to be outside in the fresh air.

Something interesting I’ve noticed about running – runners are friendly!  When I’m running in the cemetery or trail near our house,  9 times out of 10 other runners say hi or good morning when we pass by each other.  9 times out of 10 walkers do NOT say hi.  Why is that?