Sheryl Jesin

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Are you listening?

Our twentifirst century lives are so fast paced.  We are always on the go.  Always rushing.  Always distracted.  Reading an email, posting a pic on Facebook, tweeting, pinning and of course, blogging!

How often do we stop and really listen to those people that we love?  How often do we take a few uninterrupted minutes and listen to a story our child is telling us?  How often do we sit down on the couch, look our spouse in the eye and listen to what he or she is saying?

I read an insightful article on this topic this week in the Canadian Jewish News, by Rabbi Stephen Wise.  He writes:

I recently went to the doctor because of a nagging shoulder injury.  When I got to his office, he came in and, as usual, asked me what was wrong.  As he touched the joint and we talked about it, it suddenly felt better…

Can doctors heal simply by seeing you, touching you, and talking to you?  Perhaps they can…maybe you finally stop and tell someone the story of what ails you, it feels better…

Actually listening to someone can make him or her feel so comforted.  By listening, I mean being quiet.  Not talking.  Not making conversation.  Not talking about what we need to do tomorrow.   Not offering advice.  Not solving problems.  But just listening.  Hearing what someone has to say.  Listening can be so healing.

I challenge you to take a few minutes out of your day today, and really listen to someone you love.