Sheryl Jesin

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Vegan food in a food court? Yes!

I was pleasantly surprised today when I decided to check out the new food court in the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. I tend not to expect much when I am at a food court. The offerings are usually greasy and full of meat, cheese, and gluten – all foods that I try to avoid when possible.

The new Urban Herbivore outlet in the Eaton Centre is raising the bar for healthy food court eating. I decided to order their vegan Moroccan stew, a delicious medley of chick peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery and onions, cooked in a delicious tomato based sauce, served on top of brown and black rice. On the side came a salad of mixed greens, topped with shredded beets. The stew was fragrant and filling and I didn’t leave a drop on my plate. The salad was fresh and the dressing was just right.

I love that in the new food court, your meal is served on real plates with real silverware. You can get a glass of water on the side. I can only imagine how much waste is diverted through this. Truly amazing.

Sadly, the line ups at the “regular” food court restaurants (McDonald’s, KFC, etc) were huge. I can’t imagine what I would feel like after eating a greasy meal of fries and fried chicken. I am honestly surprised people still eat that crap.

But let’s focus on the positive – that you can get high quality plant based food at a food court. Pretty impressive!